Episode 9: Bohnanza

We’re going classic this time and review the good o’le card game Bohnanza. Bohnanza is a trading / set collection game about beans that can play 2-7 players and its a very fun game to play. It is also one of the first card games that prohibits the player from rearranging the order of the cards in his hands. This restriction works well because it encourages trading in the game. As usual I review the components, gameplay, and my overall thoughts of the game. Enjoy!

Download the episode here: Archive.org

2 Responses to “Episode 9: Bohnanza”

  1. J M Duran Says:


    Another great game that I have and want to make sure I am playing right. You are hitting the games I like. Uncanny (except for Notre DAme). Anyway, I could have used a little more demonstration of game play. I know it seems simple but a full walkthrough would have been great. Keep it up. Don’t be afraid to go longer, we’ll stick with you.

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