Episode 7: No, Thanks!

This time I’m taking a little break and go light in quickly reviewing the excellent card game No, Thanks! No thanks is released by ZMan games and is a quick 10-20 minute game with a reverse auction mechanism with a little bluffing aspect mixed in. Great fun!

Download the episode here: Archive.org

2 Responses to “Episode 7: No, Thanks!”

  1. You forgot to mention one key thing. At the end of the game you subtract your chip count from your score count. So If I end up with 35 points in cards and I have 10 chips my score will end up being 25.
    Great review and this is one of my favorite card games also!

  2. Yes Rob you are correct. I could have sworn that I mentioned that fact somewhere in the review, but I think it got chopped off somewhere int here. Thanks for clarifying that!

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