Episode 6: Agricola

In this episode I’m doing a very broad / light review of Agricola. As usual, I’m reviewing the components, basic rules explanation and how-to play, and my overall thoughts on the game. Being a bit of a complex game I can’t get it done in 10 minutes, but 11!

By the way, the goal of this review is NOT to teach you the game, but rather to give an overview of how the game looks, plays, and feels. If you are looking for a detailed rules teaching then I’d recommend you to check out Scott’s review. However, if you are looking to get a general idea about this game before deciding whether you want to purchase it, this review is for you.

Also, I tried to pronounce the game the right way but keep messing up so I didn’t even bother to try anymore

Anyways, I hope you find the review helpful. Game on!

As usual, Archive.org download link: Archive.org

4 Responses to “Episode 6: Agricola”

  1. Excellent review! It was nice to get a look at all the components plus a quick overview of the mechanics as I am considering buying it. Thanks!.

  2. Great Review. Keep up the good work

  3. Job well done thanks.

  4. Love your stuff, Farid. Thanks.

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