Episode 3: Arkadia

Here’s my video introduction and review of Arkadia. Arkadia is a medium-light family game for 2-4 players about architects building the city & castle of Arkadia.

You can also download it from the following places:

Enjoy! Game On!

3 Responses to “Episode 3: Arkadia”

  1. craneturtle Says:

    Nice review. I loved that close-up camera work panning over the game components and cards. I recently also purchased this game but haven’t had time to learn it, so your review was a good way for me to learn the game.

    Also I’m especially happy you went with flash (via Vimeo), instead of the quicktime format, for your movie review as it makes it really convenient to be able to just hit play and watch your video. Kudos to you for making it easier for us to watch your great videos.

  2. Niche is pronounced “neesh” not “nitch”

    Nice review 🙂

  3. great review, looking forward to playing my copy of it

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