Episode 2: Galaxy Trucker

Hi everyone! I hope this second episode will be enjoyed as much as if not more than the first episode. We’re reviewing Galaxy Trucker. Enjoy!

As usual, you can download the episode via right-click and save from here Episode 2: Galaxy Trucker via Archive.org

P.S. Some people commented that the Archive.org link is not doing so well, so I found that Vimeo also gives a direct DL link, so here they are:
Vimeo Download

5 Responses to “Episode 2: Galaxy Trucker”

  1. Hey Farid. Really like the reviews so far and Im looking foward to your next one.

  2. Really enjoyed this. Thanks.

  3. Thanks bro! I brought Galaxy Trucker after watching your video review! It provided me with a very good overview of the gameplay. After watching it I know I’ll like it very much and won’t regret for MY ENTIRE LIFE!

    I really appriciate your time and effort in making the video! Thanks you! Can’t wait for another great review from you!

  4. nice review. between you and obsessed board game id ended up buying it.
    i noticed you didn’t test all the meteor swarm checks and skipped a few of the stuff that had multiple attacks on one card,but i know you did it to get through the review without bogging down your review so i forgive you for that. The main thing is you got me to get this game. now im just waiting for rio grande games to have the expansion available to i can get that as well.

  5. Great review. I love teh series and hope you continue them.

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